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Many of us are taught our entire lives to disconnect, mistrust, dismiss, fix, or “manage” our bodies, our fertility + our physical symptoms with hormonal birth control or total avoidance. We've been conditioned to believe that medical providers know our bodies better than we do + that cycling naturally is unsafe and unnecessary. 

So instead of truly understanding, finding confidence + empowerment within our journey, we’re stuck looking outside of our bodies to find truth. And instead are given unending MYTHS & MIS-TRUTHS...

  • cycles should be 28 days long

  • ovulation occurs on day 14

  • periods are supposed to be painful

  • heavy periods are normal

  • you can’t get pregnant on your period

  • vaginal discharge means you have an infection

  • everyone gets PMS

  • all bleeds are periods 

  • hormonal birth control is the only safe way to avoid pregnancy  

  • there is nothing you can do to help heal your hormones naturally

  • your fertility is not in your control

In short, we’re often in NO WAY taught what is going on in our bodies, with our hormones, our cycles, + our energetic shifts. Nor are we taught how to appreciate our Divine gifts as those born with wombs, not taught to interpret, to lean into, or to holistically support or advocate for ourselves as the sovereign, cyclical beings that we are.

Can you think of something you’ve been taught about your body and how to “manage” or “normalize” it that doesn't sit well with you?

That if it were up to you, you’d do it a different way?


It's time to give yourself permission to learn a new way!

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Fertility Awareness!

What is Fertility Awareness??


Fertility Awareness is a daily ritual + connection with your body, one where you take time daily to notice your fertility biomarkers (cervical mucus, basal body temperature, +/- cervix positioning) as well as a daily tuning into how you’re feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Through these patterns and a clear understanding of the female hormone cycle we can determine when we are fertile, when we’re not fertile, what phase of our cycle we’re in, how our hormonal health looks, and where our body is requesting support. We step back into our power + wisdom + healing capacity + intuition to REclaim the cyclical, radiant life we were designed to have!

Want to learn more??? 
I created a sacred program to covers ALL of this just for you! This program, BLOOM, was built in collaboration with my dear friend, colleague, + holistic nutritionist, Emma McNichol. That means you get the education + expertise of TWO holistic integrative + reproductive health practitioners guiding you back in to the WISDOM of your WOMB!!

The juicy details... 

In this program you'll receive . . . 

  • EXTENSIVE FERTILITY, CYCLE, + HORMONAL HEALTH EDUCATION from 2 western + integrative trained medical providers with over 20 years of combined education who are also holistic health practitioners + certified fertility awareness and sexual and reproductive health educators
  • A COMPREHENSIVE FERTILITY AWARENESS PROGRAM - there is nothing  out there like this! Designed to full educate + empower you to take control of your cycles, your fertility, + your hormonal health this program also weaves in a beautiful integration of our mind, body, spirit, + womb - finally! a program that offers FULL being support
  •  SELF-PACED COURSE. The course rolls out on a weekly drip schedule for 6 weeks, allowing you to take in + integrate new information at a manageable pace. Need longer? No problem! You have ongoing access to the course to move through as you please :)
  • 6 Easily-digestible MODULES covering reproductive anatomy, hormones, fertility awareness, natural birth control, conscious conception, holistic hormone health + more!  (If you're detail oriented like me you can see full course details below!) Each module is broken into small, easy to consume videos (most are 15-30minutes) + includes a corresponding ebook to support your learning, so you can drop in + out with ease 
  • PRINTABLE CYCLE CHARTS designed specifically for the womb holders that join this program
  • DETAILED PDF handouts + ebook summarizing the content from each lecture
  • Chart examples to help bring clarity to what you're learning, though your body + your patterns over time will be the ultimate teachers
  • Journal prompts + Wise Womb invitations to help this information integrate deep in your body
  • Option for a self-guided or FULLY supported journey with Dr. Mona including 4 private sessions  
    • Self-guided program is a good fit for those who are already familiar with their cycles or fertility awareness, for those who are dedicated self-directed learners with regular cycles, or for those on a budget that desire to receive holistic + comprehensive fertility awareness guidance but can't afford 1:1 support at this time 
    • FULLY supported journey including 4 private sessions with Dr. Mona is for those who desire to be able to ask questions + receive customized guidance from Dr. Mona LIVE. Private sessions include review of your charts, health history, current/past symptoms and individualized recommendations for the specific diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, and mindbody practices that would serve YOUR specific cycle, body, and needs. This is HIGHLY recommended for those who are coming off hormonal birth control, who have current gut and/or hormone symptoms, or those who have more anxiety about learning the method on your own or making mistakes. This container is designed to ensure you feel supported + clear in your charting and hormonal health/fertility journey

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What clients are saying . . .

"After I found Medicine with Mona my life truly changed for the better! If you are starting your journey I 100% recommend Dr. Mona"

Missy, 30

Working with Mona has been a great investment. Not only did I learn a fantastic way to control conception + learn my body's rhythms, I have learned so much about other aspects of my health."

Claire, 26

"Learning cycle charting with Mona was so informative, and first the first time I feel like I really know my body!"

Aryn, 33


This program is perfect for you if you are . . .


  • Completely new to charting your cycle + you have a burning desire to learn fertility awareness from 2 holistic medical professionals that you know you can trust

  • A self-taught tracker looking for more clarity so you feel fully comfortable + confident in your practice

  • Using an phone app to track your cycle but you are ready to take your control back and finally truly know your body, your hormones + your fertility

  • On a form of hormonal birth control or an IUD but you're eager to get off while having clear next steps of what to do

  • Desiring to better understand yourself, your fertility, your hormones, your moods, + support your temple back to a state of holistic wellness

  • Want a natural + effective form of birth control (up to 99.6% effective ladies!) that doesn’t disrupt your hormones + override your body's natural rhythms

  • Know you want a baby one day + you want to do everything you can to improve your fertility now, or you're currently looking to simply learn more about your fertile window

  • Desire an affordable but reliable fertility awareness program + are dedicated to self-study work

  • Are ready and eager to learn to lean into your yoni, the messages of your body, + your Divine Feminine Wisdom

You will leave this program with...


  • Complete confidence around FAM + how to chart your cycles with the symptothermal method

  • A clear understanding of your body, your hormones, your fertile biomarkers + how to interpret and act on this knowing to achieve YOUR unique desires (avoid or achieve pregnancy, improve your hormonal health + fertility, live aligned with your cycle, etc)

  • Wisdom on which cycle phase you’re in as well as the foundational principles of supporting each phase

  • Deep knowledge + comfort in using rules to effectively avoid an AVOID pregnancy. The double-check symptothermal method is 99.4-99.6% effective! ***NOTE: this efficacy is when taught by an instructor with support while learning! Purchase of the fully supported package or at least one private session is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Resources for troubleshooting emergency contraception + beyond for if mistakes happen. This is incredibly unique + rarely taught in the FAM space and it is knowledge you deserve to have!

  • Ability to clearly identify your unique fertile window + receive guidance on improving your fertility + opening yourself up to a desired pregnancy

  • A newly empowered understanding about what a healthy cycle is + how to identify potential hormonal imbalances in your charting

  • A toolkit of healthy hormone + daily detox practices to support your holistic wellness journey

  • Opportunity to feel fully empowered + at-home in YOUR body with wisdom that will last a lifetime + transform your relationship with your body & your soul!! xx 


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x 6 months

6 week course  

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6 week course

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Fully supported


x 6 months

6 week course + 4 private sessions

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Fully supported



self-study course + 4 private sessions

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