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Fertility Awareness Course + 9 month mentorship with Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

"Working with Mona has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and wellbeing. I was scared of the unknown, but knew that I needed to do something different. I had chronic issues, I was disconnected from my body, and was feeling burnt out by pharmacies and medical providers making choices for me. Working with Mona has been a night and day difference. Mona showed up with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and approached our sessions with a holistic mindset filled with thoughtfulness and compassion. Mona helped me step by step to learn about FAM, PCOS, gut health, nutrition, hormone health, and so much more. Mona is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I feel more empowered in my body than I have in my entire life and I now have the confidence to be my own advocate. Being able to know and work with Mona, as well as having the knowledge and understanding that I have now, is truly a gift that I will forever hold with immense gratitude."

Gillian, 41

Fertility Awareness Course + 9 month mentorship with Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

"Over a nine month period I had the honor and privilege of working with Dr. Mona Wiggins as my holistic guide. She offered compassionate mentoring surrounding learning to reconnect with, listen to, respect, and honor my body on an embodied level that honors my energy. She answered my questions, guided me through my journey of understanding and learning to love my body and my cycle, and she held intentional space for me, along with providing advice grounded in her experience as a medical practitioner, during times of uncertainty and/or confusion around my body. As a result of our work together, I feel empowered in the knowledge I have of my body. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Mona for her knowledge, compassion, and empathy surrounding women's bodies, health, and experiences. She makes her clients feel seen, supported, and held, and she does this utilizing her wisdom surrounding our bodies and the energetics of our beings via tools like Human Design weaving these together to create a genuine sense of embodied empowerment. Ultimately, the healing work I did around my relationship with my body and energetics has created the foundation for my husband and I on our journey to calling in our spirit baby. Thank you Dr. Mona for the beautiful space and support you provide for your clients."  

Marissa, 30

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

"With over a decade of using a variety of birth control methods like the pill, vaginal rings & copper IUD; I was left emotionally and nutrient depleted, living in confusion and fear of my body’s natural rhythms. Mona gracefully supported me by teaching me how to become aware of the subtle signs our bodies reveal, understand the hormonal significance and care for myself while I healed, all holistically. She gifted me with appreciation of the magnificence that is my own biological fertility journey. Going on this journey with Mona has allowed me to avoid pregnancy naturally with utter confidence. I would recommend her unique expertise as a DNP and Functional Medicine to everyone looking to heal from birth control, learn to harness their cycle for true fertility magic and deepen their relationships. I can’t think of a more empowering experience as a woman, and I have Mona to thank for the trust and connection with my body that I feel now."

Bekah, 39

Fertility Awareness Course + Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

“Dr. Wiggins is the most thorough, compassionate physician I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've completed her 1:1 FAM Mentorship and am currently Gut Microbiome Testing and consultation (alongside my fiance). I'm proud to say that I'm living "hormone free" and feel like a DIFFERENT PERSON. I didn't realize is how much my gut health was affecting my emotional health. When I started implementing Dr Wiggins suggested dietary/herbal supplements I noticed an immediate shift in my energy levels and moods. My entire quality of life has shifted. Dr Wiggins wholistic grounded approach to health & wellness will transform your life. Work with this woman!"


Live Customized Human Design Chart Reading + Holisitic Health Support (Body Harmony)

“Mona is truly invested in her community both in their physical and mental well being. Through working with her in one-on-one health plans in addition to human design I have learned valuable lessons about how to trust myself and my heart. Her reading rang true and felt in depth and informative.”

Missy, 35

Fertility Awareness Course + Private Sessions

I was 34 years old and had been on hormonal birth control for the last 19 years. I was looking for a more natural way for birth control. I didn’t know my body or my cycle and I wasn’t taught all these things as a young woman. I did research online and found a popular book about FAM. Although it was helpful to read, I was still confused and didn’t know where to turn.

After I found Medicine with Mona, my life truly changed for the better!

I trust Mona as she is a doctorate nurse practitioner, and her many years of experience with women’s health is respectable. Her visually appealing lectures, online classroom and printable worksheets made the information easy to understand and I could learn it at my own pace.

As my cycle started to get more regular, I got better at recognizing the signs my body was showing me. I was charting my cycle and my body’s signs with more and more confidence. Mona was able to help interpret my charts with me, which helped me apply the information and see what was happening with the shifting hormones in my body.

Mona has been so supportive of my journey and I know I can tell her anything without judgement! The video calls and texting has been so great, I don’t want it end! If you are starting your journey, I 100% recommend Dr. Mona Wiggins as an instructor and friend in finding your way with fertility awareness!”

Hannah, 26

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions + Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

“I could not recommend Mona enough!

I became intrigued about Mona's services when I finally got fed up with side effects of oral birth control pills. I admired the way Mona spoke about empowerment and embracing your body's natural processes. After browsing Mona's website for FAM courses, I still was not 100% convinced and decided to book an informational meeting. I am so glad I did! I could tell Mona had my best interest at heart and truly heard my concerns.

Not only was I able to stop birth control and learn to prevent pregnancy with FAM, Mona also guided me in finding remedies for the side effects of birth control that I was still experiencing. I appreciated that all of her recommendations were natural AND evidenced based. Her approach to my FAM coaching was entirely holistic. She supported (and continues to support) me mentally, physically, and emotionally. It was about so much more than learning FAM for me and this truly has been a life changing experience for me.

Thank you Mona for EVERYTHING!”

Abby, 20

Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

“Mona was exactly the type of compassionate medical provider that I needed to feel like someone was helping me fix the root cause of my symptoms and understand the current lifestyle that I live. I am a collegiate swimmer so a lot of my concerns stem from wanting to swim fast again, but most importantly feel better in my body! Completing the FAM course as well as several 1:1 consultations regarding gut health and FAM. I had stopped birth control well over a year before meeting with Mona, but was struggling with a very irregular cycle, adrenal issues, and excessive bloating! I had worked on my hormone balance and adrenal health before meeting Mona, but I have not felt this good until working with her! The stool test is life changing! I didn't realize how inflamed my body was and how uncomfortable I felt eating food until I stuck to Mona's personalize plan for a couple of months and saw such a significant reduction in inflammation and bloating. I enjoy my meals now!!! After a couple of cycles of charting, I finally found a temp rise and a possible predicted ovulation which is amazing and I couldn't have gotten here with her! I especially appreciated that she was willing to work with me despite my crazy hectic athlete lifestyle and she took the time to support me mentally, physically, and emotionally. She is willing to work with how you think you need care and follow the timeline that you resonate with. I honestly could not recommend working with Mona enough! “

Stephanie, 37

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“I was put on hormonal birth control when I was about 16 to help with horrible acne. At the age of 36 I finally stopped using hormonal birth control. I was terrified because I am child free by choice, but the side effects I was experiencing from hormonal birth control were horrible so I made the leap without a real plan.

It wasn't long before I found Mona and her content on FAM. I had heard of it before, but didn't truly know how it worked. So, when Mona introduced her new program I figured I had nothing to lose.

Let me tell you, working with Mona has been a life changer! Her knowledge and patience while working through our time together has been amazing, and I feel like the understanding of my body that I have gained is truly priceless. Taking this course was the best investment I've made for myself and my health to date.”

Katelyn, 30

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“My experience with Mona was incredible. She was so gentle with me and constantly checked in to make sure I was able to learn at a good pace. I also really appreciated that she took the time to understand my diet and supplements and was able to coach me on changes that would be better for my health.

I’m still in the postpartum segment of my FAM journey. Although the rules vary slightly, I am still able to track my version of a cycle. I am currently watching for signs of my first ovulation. Mona has been so great explaining the differences between my current experience and what I will experience after my ovulation returns. I feel very prepared moving forward in my FAM journey; I know it will be a great tool for my future.

As crazy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to the return of my “normal cycle” so I can become more in tune with how my cycle affects different aspects of my life."


Live Customized Human Design Chart Reading

“I have had astrology readings before, but this was different. This was more. Everything that Mona said about my energy system, personality, purpose, and soul resonated with what I have been learning about myself, slowly, for the past few years. It was incredibly validating and empowering to understand how my energy operates best, and also gave me the freedom and permission to let go of conditioning and constructs that aren't for me. And all of this information is in one easily digestible reading and companion e-book, so I can go back and reference it again and again for reminders and deeper meanings. I am so excited I have this tool to use to go into the future, knowing I am making each decision from a place of perfect soul aligned authenticity.”

Anne, 31

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“Working with Mona was an experience that brought me back into my body. I forged a deeper connection with my cycle through the invaluable wisdom that Mona shared with me and the guidance she gifted me with was something that I continue to use daily and will use for a long time yet. 

Mona is so gentle in her approach and her passion for this work really comes across. Women Empowering other women through knowledge about their own natural cycles are the heroines in this world.”

Aryn, 33

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“I’ve been tracking my periods for years, but recently wanted to learn more about my hormones and overall health. Learning cycle charting with Mona was so informative, and for the first time I feel like I really know my body! Mona was kind, patient, and knowledgeable and I am so thankful for the three months I spent learning from her.”

Kirsten, 26

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions + Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

“Mona’s program not only helped me learn how to manage my own reproductive health and take charge of my fertility but also taught me to how to better manage my chronic autoimmune conditions. She guided me through the program (which was very well organized and detailed) and was happy to answer any of my questions. She was very communicative throughout the entire program and remembered to follow up with me about how I was feeling or what I needed. I am so happy that I worked with Mona. I got so much more than I expected from the program and could not recommend her program enough!”

Danae, 25

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“After dealing with horrible symptoms of birth control, Mona was a life changer! She is such a great mentor and makes sure that you truly understand FAM and what your body is telling you. Not only does she teach you how to use FAM, but she works with you to pinpoint what your body needs. Since working with Mona, I understand my body, how to use FAM and feel amazing! Mona is an investment that is 100% worth it!”

Mallory, 40

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions + Holistic Health Support (Body Harmony)

“I have had hormonal issues all of my life, although nothing was ever formerly diagnosed, so I assumed that this was just how I was built. I was on birth control pills for over 10 years straight to control my periods, regulate my cycles, reduce the hair growing on my chin, and attempt to eliminate the breakouts of acne on my shoulders and chest. It wasn't until a tumor was discovered in my thyroid, and the organ subsequently removed, that I went off of hormonal birth control. Subsequently, I found that the severity of many of these issues reduced on their own, as I pursued hormonal balance within my body through thyroid medication, food, and reducing environmental triggers. But that wasn't to be the end of the story. I still treated my body and it's fluctuations as something to be tolerated. After working with Mona for 9 months, I discovered a profoundly deep respect and appreciation for the beauty and magic that exists within the female body, and an understanding and grace for the seasons of our hormonal fluctuations, what purpose they serve, and how to flow with the tide, instead of resisting it. Reconnecting with my hormones, my vulva, and my cycles have shown me the power that lies within them. One I will never again marginalize or overlook.”

Kelly, 29

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“When I found Mona I had been feeling a deep yearning for several years to reconnect with my body and get back to my most natural state after over a decade of being on the hormonal birth control pill. I had also just recently heard about FAM and felt like I finally had an answer for the first time, but I had no idea where to start. When I saw Mona’s offerings along with her background in both western and holistic medicine, I knew she was the missing piece I needed to start on this journey. I signed up immediately and without hesitation, and from there my expectations were only exceeded! Mona provided me with the support and tools I needed to confidently get off the pill and start implementing FAM, but she also gave me so much more. Throughout our work together, Mona took the time to learn all about my health concerns, my challenges, my daily routines, and my environment so that she could create a custom plan for me to nurture, learn, and trust my body each day. Mona’s guidance always felt achievable and I always felt understood. Even when I struggled, she was a gentle reminder to give myself grace. Her genuine care for her clients and her passion for this work shines through so brightly. She was my biggest cheerleader every step of the way and always left me feeling inspired, empowered, and supported. I’m forever grateful to have found Mona, she truly changed my life! “

Ellen, 27

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“When I first heard about FAM I was a little skeptical because I wanted to use it as a way to regulate my period symptoms so I could stop taking birth control. I was single with no intention of pregnancy or avoiding it and it’s the best thing I ever chose to do. With Mona’s class I learned so much about my body that was never taught to me growing up. I’m thankful that there is someone like her out there helping women naturally take care of themselves in many different ways. I had terrible cramps and acne but now it’s managed and I only get severe pains every once in a while instead of every single period. On top of that I’m confident in preventing pregnancy with my new relationship without essentially poisoning the body with birth controls that change so many things that aren’t related to avoiding pregnancy. 10/10 recommend using FAM for any women out there that don’t like their moods being changed and the inconsistency of birth control pills. I couldn’t be successful without Mona guiding me and always being willing to answer my questions, I had a lot of them, and being patient with me while I wasn’t the most consistent with my chart. I hope one day everyone enjoys the freedom FAM has given me over the last 8 months🤍”


Live Customized Human Design Chart Reading

“Doing a Human Design reading with Dr. Mona was such a treat for me! She has such a calming energy to her that you want to absorb all the information she is offering to you. I found the information to be very validating to where I am in my life right now and will continue to come back to her beautiful E-Book, that she sends out after the call, for reinforcement when I need more guidance staying on the path that feels right for me vs the one that I "should" be living. Although I was completely new to Human Design/knew nothing about it going into the call, I found it to be very informative and see it as a powerful life path offering! Thank you Mona for your time, presence and holding a healing space to learn and process.”

Claire, 26

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“Working with Mona has been a great investment for many reasons. I started her program to learn how to use FAM after 10 years on hormonal birth control. Not only did I learn a fantastic way to control conception and learn my body's rhythms, I have learned so much about other aspects of my health like how to use food and lifestyle to heal acne, gut health, etc. I cannot recommend her expertise enough.”

Dara, 39

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“Working with Mona was like working with an angel on earth. Her compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit are unmatched. This combined with her intentional listening skills and extensive knowledge in the field, makes her an incredible support and guiding light.”


Live Customized Human Design Chart Reading

“I have never had a human design chart done before and Mona did such an amazing job. The information I found out was so insightful and made me understand myself even better. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is amazing at what she does and she will be able to help so many people learn to understand themselves even better.”

Taylor, 26

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“Medicine with Mona was exactly what I was looking for to begin my FAM journey. Mona not only helped me learn about my body and feel confident, but she taught my husband as well so that we could make decisions as a team.”

Miabella, 20

Fertility Awareness Course with Private Sessions

“I decided to join this course because of past symptoms and experiences with hormonal birth control. I wanted to learn how to track my cycles and learn a natural way of birth control. Mona was a beautiful soul to work with as she is educated, supportive, and responsive. She listens as well as recommends different things to implement into one’s routine to better support your hormones. I enjoyed getting to learn more about how my cycle works and different ways to support it. I would encourage anyone that is questioning learning about a natural birth control to join and dive deep into it. It has been so enlightening to feel as connected to myself as I do now.”


Live Customized Human Design Chart Reading

“I have never had a human design chart done before and Mona did such an amazing job. The information I found out was so insightful and made me understand myself even better. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is amazing at what she does and she will be able to help so many people learn to understand themselves even better.”