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Human Design 

is a system designed to help us lean into our UNIQUE energy + soul purpose in this life.

Human Design is a beautiful combination of ancient modalities + modern science, the marriage of western astrology, the Chinese I’ Ching, Hindu Brahmin chakra system, Kabbalist tree of life, neutrinos, genetics, and more. It is both mystical + practical, the ultimate guidance system that helps us to see HOW we can flow with the most ease, joy, self-love, magnetism + deep alignment with our TRUE, Higher self. 

Human Design is science of differentiation. It was birthed from the knowing that we are all UNIQUE + different, each of us impactful energetic beings that have a specific role to play within collective.

Human Design illuminates the ways that you are DIFFERENT from others. It guides you in embracing YOUR unique qualities AND the unique qualities of others. We need one another to thrive. But as a collective organism, we thrive the MOST when each individual steps into their UNIQUE gifts + knowings. 

We are NOT all supposed to be the same, 

the more we can accept + lean into this truth, lean into celebrating our individuality, the more we will be able to evolve into a society we all desire - a society steeped in loving awareness + expansion.

You literally chose to come to the earth at the EXACT time + place you did do with the EXACT energy, personality + gifts you have in order to aid your soul in achieving its Higher purpose. It's time you understand HOW to embrace this!

If you feel a deep calling to learn more about Human Design, about how this system works, about how you can being to understand your soul's gifts, your UNIQUE purpose + the path that you can follow to bring you more intention, ease, + expansion in your life then... 


I invite you to join me

as we delve into the power of Human Design... 


what you'll receive...

  • 75 minute pre-recorded Human Design Foundations masterclass led by Dr. Mona
  • guidance + recommendations on the EXACT steps you can take to get started using YOUR Human design + soul blueprint today! 

  •  clear understanding of the critical Foundations of Human Design including:

    • where Human Design originated from
    • how to access + read your chart
    • 9 Energy Centers. As humans we are believed to be 9 centered beings, meaning we 9 separate energy centers (or chakras) where we process energy, either giving or receiving. Understanding how energy is designed to flow in this area can help with identifying conditioning and stories we may have.
    • the 5 Types + Strategies. (Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.) Your type speaks to your energetic aura, the way your energy is experienced by + exchanged with others. Your type also tells us how your energy is designed to function + flow in this life. Each type has a strategy which is the aligned way that you can interact with the world to create more ease in your life.
    • Signature + Not-self themes. How your body + emotions tell you when we're in alignment and when you're not.
    • 8 Authorities. Your authority is how you go about making aligned decisions. In addition to your type + strategy, this is one of the MOST impactful things you can learn + practice because if every decision you make for the rest of your life is from a place of energetic alignment, everything else will fall perfectly into place. 

  • gain insight into the basic concepts behind Profiles, Definition, Gates, Channels, and  Incarnation Crosses, Planets, and the PHS system. These are the UNIQUE + detailed portion of Human Design chart that speak to your personality archetype, gifts + life purpose as well as ways you can lean into using these gifts as a toolbelt to make aligned decisions for your daily life, career, relationships, diet/digestion, health,  + more. While we can't cover all these details you gain insight into where you can learn more and what each area means.
  • an invitation to your Higher calling, to a life filled with more self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, alignment, ease, and purpose! xx

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Human Design Foundations Masterclass


75min. Pre-recorded Masterclass with Dr. Mona

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Dr. Mona is a doctor of nursing practice with over 15 years of medical experience, an integrative health practitioner specializing in hormonal wellness + root cause medicine, certified fertility awareness and reproductive health educator, trained yoga instructor, AND Human Design chart reader. Throughout her offerings, Mona blends her experience and expertise in eastern + western medicine to offer you a deeply HOLISTIC experience that honors both science + source (our womb, mother earth, and spirit). Her passion is helping fellow womb holders re-discover the sovereignty, power, and deep wisdom that they already  hold within while expanding their ability to heal + support their bodies, hormones and current life goals naturally + in a state of total peace, ease, and confidence. Mona believes in shifting the world, one being at a time - beginning first with ourselves and always through the lens of the Mind, Body, Spirit + Womb.