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The feminine thrives in a space of TOGETHERNESS, community, shared connection, + support. Our DNA is designed to be flowy, intuitive, present, soft, nurturing, creative, receptive, soft, emotional, connected to others and something larger than us. Yet somehow, society often doesn't create the containers that cultivate this, in particular containers that cultivate this AND encourage us to THRIVE and be our BIGGEST and brightest selves as our fellow sisters do the same alongside of us.

I consistently see my private clients blossom and evolve into their most confident, grounded, EMBODIED selves when they are educated and held by their fellow feminine in a space of safety, love, + encouragement. 

My soul has called me to create something BIG, to bring this feminine healing into a larger container.

It's time for a revolution, time we demand more...


I want in!

When sleeping women wake,  mountains move

- chinese proverb

 Mind, Body, Spirit, Womb


As a doctor of nursing practice, holistic health practitioner, Human Design chart reader, fertility awareness educator, and life-long learner I SEE + FEEL that women want something different, something more HOLISTIC, more expansive, more representative of ALL the ways we desire to be. 

We don't just want the cold, masculine, scientific facts. Sure, give us the research and the data, but also honor that EVERYTHING is energy, we're all interrelated, + there is something much larger than us that we desire to feel, honor, and tap into - THIS honoring of Science AND Source is our Feminine power! 

We want to be taught how to care for ourselves, our community, our families from space of presence, realness, aliveness. We want to be seen, to be loved on, to uplift one another, to be encouraged to trust our bodies + our intuition. We want the most scientific-based data but also deeply desire to be guided in returning to the rituals and wise woman practices that support who we are at our core. 

What you seek is seeking you...

The JUICY details... 


This sisterhood is for you if...

You are ready to claim + step into a DEEPLY HOLISTIC way of being, ready to be FULLY present, FULLY aware, FULLY in your power + your temple, ready to EMBODY your most loving, conscious, intuitive, cyclical, expansive self while being SURROUNDED + WITNESSED by your fellow womb holders who are on the same path of health, healing, + expansion!

This monthly sisterhood membership will include...

  • 3 LIVE calls a month with Dr. Mona¬†
  • Community of like-minded¬†womb holders who are on the same path of health, healing, + expansion!!¬†
  • Library of pre-recorded videos and resources
Additional details... 
  • LIVE calls with Dr. Mona will be a¬†combination of lectures + conversations focused on¬†ALL things feminine, holisitic health, expansion, cyclical living, low tox + conscious lifestyle choices, Human Design, and showing up for our lives in our MOST MAGNETIC ways of being. The¬†calls will include
    • Monthly moon circles with your fellow womb holders - a space for setting intentions, sharing, + witnessing
    • 1-2 Educational lectures per month¬†
    • Quarterly Live Q&A¬†
    • Occasional guest lectures by fellow womb holders
  • Resource library.¬†All educational lectures and Q&As will be¬†added to¬†the resource library after the live call. The below lectures + resources¬†will¬†be pre-recorded and available for your enjoyment by April 1st (or sooner)!
    • LECTURES on Cycle charting (fertility awareness) + Cycle health:
      • Introduction to cycle charting
      • Introduction to key cycle hormones
    • Resource list of Dr. Mona's favorite recommended books + products
    • Divine Feminine playlist¬†created by Dr. Mona
  • Additional TOPICS planned for upcoming calls.¬†Again, all educational lectures and Q&As will be¬†added to¬†the resource library¬†
    • Additional lectures on Cycles +¬†Cycle Health: ideal cycle parameters - what you should be seeing, types of birth control + how they really work, various types of bleeds + what they mean
    • Feminine Archetypes + Cycle Syncing: energetic cycle phases + associated archetypes, cycle syncing for each cycle phase, lunaception (syncing with the moon), + more
    • Low-tox Living:¬†recommended low-tox products, castor oil packs, yoni steaming
    • Holistic Health Protocols¬†(diet, herb, supplements, lifestyle, mindset for specific conditions/circumstances):¬†general hormone wellness,supporting your body on or post-pill, leaky gut, PCOS, painful periods, endometriosis, PMS, HPV, thyroid health, adrenal health, + more
    • Human Design + soul energy support: Human Design (HD) types and strategies, HD authority, the overlap of the cycle and HD, moon cycles, + more
    • Wise Woman Practices + Rituals:¬†making herbal tinctures + teas, meditations, journal prompts, menstrual rituals, yoni gazing, + more

*of note: the sisterhood will be guided by the feminine flow! To honor this, it will be ever-evolving based my intuition + the desires of the community

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