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6 Rituals for welcoming in the Spring Equinox


What is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is the official first day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Equinox means “equal night” in Latin and Vernal means “Spring”. This is one of two times in the year when we experience the harmony of equal light and dark in the world surrounding us. A yin-yang energy reflected to us by Mother Earth.

Springtime is a celebration of lightness, a time of rebirth and renewal, a welcoming in of the light after the long dark months of winter.

Just as the Spring Equinox is a time for birth and new beginning in nature - birds chirping, flowers blooming, brighter skies, the earth warming. And because we are a part of nature, deeply tied to the rhythms of Mother Earth, this energy is also stirring within us. Our spirit is beginning to again feel a lightening, an awakening, a calling to joy, lightness, curiosity, play, and growth. 

During Spring many of us feel a call to find harmony and balance in our lives again, to clean things out and make space for a new and more vibrant energy. This cleansing, this attention to the present brings with it new ideas, dreams, desires. Little blooms and birds chirping from WITHIN. This is a beautiful time to lean into our inspiration with a lightness and curiosity, to spend some intentional time cultivating this joyful, warm, awakening energy. 

While new energy can be inspiring and uplifting, for some it can also feel a little overwhelming with all the options of what we could or “should” be doing as nature and the world around and within us comes back to life. Regardless of how this feels in your body, there is no right or wrong. Just like we all experience shifts in our own cycles in different ways, this can be the same in our external + internal worlds with the change of seasons. Whether this time is felt as joy + excitement or a little overwhelming in the body, I find the harmony comes when we can welcome the changes of life with reflection, gratitude, and from a grounded intentional space. 

Below are some

Spring Equinox rituals

I like to use to welcome in this new, inspiring, harmonious energy of life..

  1. Plant something to watch it grow in the coming months
  2. Go for a walk or spend time outside in nature. Take in the sounds of the earth, the birds, the things around you as they joyfully sing about the new day and what it brings. Take in the flowers, the blooms, the little pops of green and color that are a promise of the light to come. 
  3. Do some Spring cleaning with hormone-friendly cleaners. I like to use sage to clear my space and palo santo to welcome in new energy.
  4. Do a grounding meditation, ideally outside feeling the support of mother Earth below you
  5. Journal 
    • What did you learn from the months of stillness?
    • How can you lean into more curiosity, joy, and presence in life? 
    • What areas of your life are you feeling a call for more harmony? How will you lean into this?
    • What seeds, projects, ideas, intentions will you plant for the coming season?
  6. Take a ceremonial bath. I like to use fresh blooms scattered in the bath. You can add magnesium or epsom salt. A few drops of Spring or floral essential oil if that calls to you. Really take the time to take in the feeling, the scents, the essence of Spring. Clear and make space in your mind, heart, and body for the harmony, the joy, the playfulness, the fertility that Spring brings with her. Say aloud some gratitudes of what the winter months brought you, some intentions for the energy, things, ideas you want to plant in your life as you move forward in Spring


I would love to hear what you do to welcome in the Spring! May this new Season bring you joy, curiosity, clarity around the things that you desire, and deep abundance in all of life


with deep gratitude + love,

Dr. Mona


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