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Understanding your Human Design

Human Design is such an impactful system that can guide you in how to find more ease, flow, magnetism + expansion in your life ... AND it can be challenging to even make sense of your chart without some guidance.

Allow me to help!

Before we start I invite you to head over to Jovian Archive to download a FREE chart (it's my fav site to use for my custom readings) to look at as you read this blog.

Okay, here we go...

Human Design is

a system system birthed from the knowing that we are all UNIQUE + different, each of us impactful energetic beings that have a specific role to play within collective. We literally come to the earth at the exact time + place we do with the exact energy, personality + gifts we have in order to aid our soul in achieving its Higher purpose. That gives me chills! 

Human Design is the science of differentiation. It illuminates the ways we are different from others. It guides us in embracing the unique qualities of ourselves and others so that we can thrive as a larger collective, the larger organism that we are. We ALL have big roles to play in the the world around us, we all have something unique + impactful to offer and the more we can see that we are NOT all supposed to be the same, the more we can accept + lean into this truth, lean into celebrating our individuality, the more we will be able to evolve into a society we all desire - a society steeped in loving awareness + expansion. 

Human Design is a beautiful combination of ancient modalities + modern science, the marriage of western astrology, the Chinese I’ Ching, Hindu Brahmin chakra system, Kabbalist tree of life, neutrinos, genetics, and more. It is both mystical + practical, the ultimate guidance system that helps us to see HOW we can flow with the most ease, joy, self-love, magnetism + deep alignment with our TRUE, Higher self. 


Basic Human Design Concepts

While there are many important + deep aspects of Human Design, I want to take a little time to share the basics with you (including common terms you may hear) in order to support your understanding of the system as a whole.

Human Design was constructed in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu and, again, is a beautiful combination of ancient modalities + modern science. It is based in the concept that we are energy beings and we are imprinted with specific gifts + characteristics both the moment we are born (our conscious gifts) and 88 days prior to our birth when we are still in the womb and our consciousness is believed to be formed (our subconscious gifts). These energetic imprints help us to understand how + why we are, they are what creates your unique Human Design bodygraph, they are

As humans we are believed to be 9 centered beings, meaning we 9 separate energy centers (or chakras) where we process energy, either giving or receiving. The centers on your chart are the squares, triangles, or diamonds and will either be filled in (defined centers) or white (open or undefined centers). Your defined centers are where you consistently give out your own energetic frequency and influence others. Your open/undefined centers are where you take in, empathetically experience, and amplify the energy of others around you who have that specific center defined. Each center has general themes + concepts they represent and by understanding these and our whether that center is defined or open/undefined we can better understand how we interact with the world in this area.


So where do you start with understanding YOUR unique energy and soul?

As we move deeper into Human Design the MOST important aspect to understand in order to start experimenting with Human Design is your Type + Strategy!

There are 5 types in Human Design. Your type speaks to your energetic aura, the way your energy is experienced by + exchanged with others. Your type is determined by your centers + it tells you HOW your energy is designed to function + FLOW in this life so that you can start making shifts in order to experience more ease, magnetism, + clarity in your day to day decisions + interactions.

Each type has a strategy which is the aligned way that you can interact with the world to create more ease in your life. Your strategy tells you HOW to use your aura to find aligned + easeful interaction with the world around you. 

When you are using your energy in an aligned way you will feel this alignment through your signature theme. When you are out of alignment the feeling that shows up is your not-self theme which is a signpost to check back in with your unique strategy + authority.

Here are the 5 energy types + strategy:

  1. Manifestor (this is me!)
    • ~9% of the population
    • Aura = closed + impactful. People deeply feel your presence but have a difficult time reading you
    • Strategy = to inform. Because you are designed to initiate new things + inspire others AND because of your closed aura it is helpful to let others in on what you are thinking, planning, doing, needing in order to find the freedom, peace, and support you desire.
    • Self theme = peace
    • Not-self theme = anger
  2. Generator
    • ~37% of the population
    • Aura = warm + enveloping. Your aura feels like a cozy hug.
    • Strategy = to respond. Because of you are here to use your energy doing what you love, you want to follow your body + respond to the things that light you up.
    • Self theme = satisfaction
    • Not-self theme = frustration
  3. Manifesting Generator
    • ~33% of the population
    • Aura = warm, enveloping + impactful
    • Strategy = to respond. Because of you are here to use your energy doing what you love + to inspire, you want to follow your body + respond to the things that light you up.
    • Self theme = satisfaction
    • Not-self theme = frustration
  4. Projector 
    • ~20% of the population
    • Aura = penetrating. You deeply see into people + situations
    • Strategy = wait for the invitation. Because of you are here to guide others and because your aura is penetrating it is important to wait for others to give you permission to deeply dive into giving insights about them, but talk about you as much as you want while you allow others to come to you!
    • Self theme = success
    • Not-self theme = bitterness
  5. Reflector
    • ~1% of the population
    • Aura = sampling. You try on other's aura + the environment to see what is working, what is healthy, and what is not.
    • Strategy = wait for a lunar cycle. Because of you are here to amplify other’s energy and to find discernment in what is correct for you and bec you are an open lunar being that deeply takes in the world + others around you, it is helpful for you to wait a lunar cycle to find clarity in your desires and interactions.
    • Self theme = surprise
    • Not-self theme = disappointment


The invitation...

I find it deeply impactful to try experimenting with your unique design by choosing an amount of time - 2 weeks, 2 months, etc and commit to paying attention to + FOLLOWING your type and strategy. Take note of how living your design feels in your body. Are there shifts in your energy? Is there a change in the interactions + opportunities that come to you? Is there a change in your awareness awareness + love for yourself? For others? What is this teaching you about your unique energy beings, about how you move in this life, about how you would like to continue to expand + evolve?

As you feel ready to dive deeper I invite you to explore my pre-recorded 75minute Human Design Foundations masterclass that dives deeper into the above concepts as well as your authority! Your authority is how you go about making aligned decisions. In addition to your type + strategy, this is one of the MOST impactful things you can learn + practice because if every decision you make for the rest of your life is from a place of energetic alignment, everything else will fall perfectly into place. 

If you want to deep dive, to feel fully seen and supported in ALL of your design + soul blueprint, then I invite you to book a 1:1 customized Human Design chart reading where we cover all of the above plus the following concepts...

 Your profile is your conscious + subconscious personality archetype, how others experience you + how you experience yourself. 

Your definition is the rate at which you process new information and how energy moves in your bodygraph.

Your gates + channels are the lines that connect your energy centers and are the unique gifts you chose for this lifetime. Channels are the full lines that connect one energy center to the other while gates are the half lines that do not fully connect centers.  

Your Cross of Incarnation is the 4 most powerful gates you're really here to focus on + to share with others and give to the world in this lifetime.


May you find a deep trust, inner knowing, + love for yourself and the path your soul chose with you in this lifetime!


in peace,

Dr. Mona

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