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What is Cycle Syncing?



How can it help YOU better understand and support our mood, hormones, energy, and daily experience.


Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like you can achieve everything, you can literally do two hours of yoga + a HIIT class AND check numerous things off your to-do list, but then there are other days you struggle to even get out of bed? 

Or maybe you wonder why your mood or sleep pattern shifts without reason or predictability. Sometimes you’re extremely outgoing, positive, happy and then the next week you feel depressed, have poor sleep, or are bloated beyond belief.

Most of us don’t struggle with the high performing days or the days when we feel friendly, happy, outgoing & sexy. But what about the rough days? How do you handle these?

When you feel like your body, your energy, your mood, your daily experience of life is unpredictable it can be incredibly disheartening.


But I’m here to give you some relief... 


There is a reason your body has these fluctuations, it’s part of your femininity and it’s normal. You’re not a robot & you're not designed to show up the same way every single day, despite what society has taught you.

These fluctuations you experience are likely a reflection of your inner cycles & your shifting hormones. 

Hormones play a massive role in your physical, mental, & emotional experience. Each month your hormones go through cyclical changes, there is a synchronized rise & fall that orchestrates your ovulation, periods & cycle length. Estrogen and progesterone are the main female hormones and these will impact not only your cycle but your mood, energy, sexuality, sleep, food cravings & health. 

Our cycles can be divided into 4 different phases, each of these phases has different hormonal shifts occurring which translate into different daily experiences. I like to think of these phases as our inner seasons. 

Menses (your period) - Winter

In this phase your hormones are overall low & energy and mood reflects this.


Pre-ovulatory - Spring

In this phase your estrogen is on the rise & your body is beginning to prepare an egg for ovulation. You’relikely to feel a rise in your energy levels, your mood, and your desire to be more playful in activity and with other. 


Ovulation - Summer 

In this phase your estrogen reaches its peak & you ovulate. You’re likely to feel this high peak in estrogen as high often extroverted energy, elevated mood, and increased self-confidence & sexuality. 


Luteal (after ovulation) - Autumn 

In this phase your progesterone takes over as the dominant hormone, your mood and energy gradually begin to fade as you approach winter. Because progesterone slows it is more common to experience bloating, constipation & other PMS symptoms in this phase of your cycle. 


These hormonal shifts & our inner seasons are cyclical and a part of our ever changing inner beings. Part of our divine feminine nature.

So why is it helpful to understand this? 

The beautiful thing about learning hormones & your cycles phases is that you’ll see they follow a predictable pattern, cycle after cycle. Since your hormones are predictable, your body's response to them will be as well! 

Understanding your hormones allows you to plan ahead for the shifts in your health, your mood & your behavior. Instead of confusion, you begin to see your body and your experiences from a place of knowledge and understanding. You can plan your day, your week, and your months in a way that will be supportive of your unique cycle patterns. You can take advantage of the high-energy days and find ways to better support & understand the days that previously felt challenging, making each day and each cycle more energetically aligned, more fulfilling, and more empowering.


So how do you learn to track your hormones + align with your cycles? 


Through daily cycle charting and a practice called cycle syncing. ⁣

Cycle syncing is the practice of aligning your life & your activities to honor your menstrual cycles. It is living in flow with your body, rather than fighting against it.

Cycle syncing allows you to schedule in the awareness of your cycle so that you can find more ease, joy, & love in your daily experience. It is allowing for your feminine, your intuition, the healthy hormonal fluctuations of your life! Because you are a woman, a cyclical being, & it’s time this is honored.

Want to learn more + receive PHASE SPECIFIC recommendations on diet, exercise, mudras, mantras, journaling practices, crystals, essential oils, pleasure practices + more? Then my self-guided program “Cyclical Being” is for you! And I priced it at a super affordable monthly rate because I believe in the importance of this information being accessible.


In peace + cyclical awareness,

Dr. Mona

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