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Testing currently ONLY available through my Body Harmony Program. Available testing included below. Please schedule a FREE clarity call to learn more and to have your custom Body Harmony container created!

 Customized Bloodwork Panels 


Getting targeted and comprehensive bloodwork that is interpreted through a functional lens can be key in understanding where the body is at and how it may need further support.

I order labs based on my individual client symptoms and needs. Below is basic panel of bloodwork that I include for all clients as I see these as CRUCIAL for understanding our overall health status:


  • CBC to look for anemia, inflection blood disorders
  • Complete metabolic panel to look at kidney, liver, and electrolyte functiong
  • Cholesterol to see if you have adequate and healthy levels of fat for hormone production
  • Full thyroid panel (TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3) and thryoid antibodies to understand the full thyroid functioning
  • Vitamin D, iron panel, B12, folate, iron panel, magnesium to look for nutrient deficiencies
  • A1C and insulin to¬†look at blood sugar status and insulin resistance, prediabetes/diabetes
  • CRP for inflammation

Additional labs may be added on depending on client symptoms or history and based on what I see as clinically relevant



Gut Microbiome Testing 


GI-MAP stands for Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus.

Our gut microbiomes are unique and beautifully complex. When we do gut microbiome testing we’re able to get a full picture of where things are off which allows us to formulate a specific plan of action to get your gut and your digestion back to optimal health.

So what’s included in the GI-MAP test? 

The GI-MAP gives us a detailed picture of your gut health by looking at

  • the balance of normal bacterial flora (‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ gut bacteria)
  • H pylori (a bacteria in the stomach which can affect digestion + increase risk for certain cancers),
  • overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria (‚Äúbad‚ÄĚ bacteria), bacteria, parasites, fungus/yeast (candida), and viruses within the gut
  • digestive capacity
  • detox marker
  • gut's immune response¬†
  • gluten sensitivity
  • ¬†inflammation¬†
  • leaky gut
  • and more

And this can all be done from the comfort of your own home!



Sex + Adrenal Hormone Testing 


DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.

While our hormones and our cycles are complex and ever changing, when we do hormone testing we ARE able to get clear numbers, facts and a picture of where things are going wrong. This allows us to target the specific areas that your body is needing support rather than guessing. It allows you to take control and get your hormones back in balance so that you can stop wasting time and get your body back to complete health and radiance! Because queen, that’s the life you deserve!

So what’s included in the DUTCH test? 

I use the DUTCH Complete with all my clients because it gives us a full look at YOUR stress and cycle hormones. Understanding your unique stress and hormone processes (along with your bloodwork and gut health) give us the KEY insights into the specific ways your body is needing support to return to homeostasis + THRIVING.

The DUTCH Complete gives us a detailed picture of your hormones by assessing

  • Basic sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA)
  • Cortisol, free and metabolized (your stress hormone!)
  • Free cortisol pattern
  • Cortisol metabolites
  • Estrogen , progesterone, & androgen metabolites
  • Melatonin
  • Nutritional organic acids
  • Neurotransmitter metabolites

And this can all be done from the comfort of your own home!

 Food Sensitivity+ Inflammation Testing 


Our diet is key to our nourishment, hormone, and overall health. However, sometimes the food we are taking in can be triggering inflammation and sensitivities in our body that may actually be worsening hormone, gut, and overall health and worsening our symptoms.

The FIT 176 Test gives us a detailed picture of food sensitivities, inflammation and leaky gut. And offers

  • The FIT 176 test measures sensitivities of 176 different foods, colorings and additives spanning most major food groups

  • Testing provides targeted list of foods that are triggering inflammation and/or sensitivity in¬†YOUR body

  • Guidance on food elimination choices
  • Suggested meal plan to use during elimination phase
  • Patient friendly app

Please note:

Testing currently ONLY available through my Body Harmony Program. Available testing included below. Please schedule a FREE clarity call to learn more and to have your custom Body Harmony container created!

1:1 Body Harmony Program with Dr. Mona

Dr. Mona is a doctor of nursing practice with over 15 years of medical experience, an integrative health practitioner specializing in hormonal wellness + root cause medicine, certified fertility awareness and reproductive health educator, trained yoga instructor, AND Human Design chart reader. Throughout her offerings, Mona blends her experience and expertise in eastern + western medicine to offer you a deeply HOLISTIC experience that honors both science + source (our womb, mother earth, and spirit). Her passion is helping fellow womb holders re-discover the sovereignty, power, and deep wisdom that they already  hold within while expanding their ability to heal + support their bodies, hormones and current life goals naturally + in a state of total peace, ease, and confidence. Mona believes in shifting the world, one being at a time - beginning first with ourselves and always through the lens of the Mind, Body, Spirit + Womb.

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"When I saw Mona's offerings along with her background in both western + holistic health, I knew she was the missing piece I needed to start on this journey. I signed up immediately + without hesitation, and from there my expectations were only exceeded!"

Kelly, 29

Dr. Wiggins is the most thorough, compassionate medical provider I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've completed her 1:1 FAM mentorship, gut microbiome testing + consultation (alongside my fiance). I'm proud to say I'm living "hormone free" and I feel like a DIFFERENT PERSON."

Rebekah, 39

"Mona helped me address hormonal and gut issues I had after coming off hormonal birth control. She is very knowledgable and guided me in holistic root causes and symptoms. After 6 months of working with her I saw so much improvement in my health and I finally feel like myself again."

Sarah, 28

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