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Getting started with Fertility Awareness


So you've read a little about the fertility awareness method (FAM) + its benefits and now you’re ready to embark on this beautiful journey! 

But now what? 

Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about where to start. Don't you fret! I've got you covered.

Below you'll find a simple checklist for how to get started with fertility awareness!

FAM (or fertility awareness method) is

a DAILY ritual, a practice of observing + documenting the quiet messages of your body, also known as our biomarkers (bio = life, markers = signs). By tracking these scientifically proven messages, FAM gives you a detailed understanding of your body and its inner workings, when you're fertile and when you're not, what your hormones are doing, and how these things all affect your moods, emotions, desires, and more.You are given the keys to your womb wisdom and YOU get to decide how this is meaningful to you and how you will use this information based on your current goals and desires.

The term FAM or fertility awareness can be confusing for many reasons: it’s often a term not used or openly discussed, it’s commonly associated with religious birth control methods, it’s confused with the rhythm method, it’s assumed that only women wanting to get pregnant use it… And the list goes on!

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) or Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM) are the broad umbrella terms used to describe NUMEROUS types of fertility awareness. It’s important to understand the differences in the various methods because many methods have a bad reputation, particularly when it comes to efficacy for birth control, but also because understanding the differences will allow you to better understand why certain methods might be more effective than others & may help you determine which method would be the best fit for you. If you haven't already, make sure you check out my Types of FAM blog where I drop into the details of the VARIOUS types of FAM and things you may want to consider when choosing a method!

Once you're feeling more clear around the types of fertility awareness, keep reading...

Here are the 6 steps I recommend to get started charting today.

Step 1. Decide which fertility awareness method you want to use

Choose the method that best fits YOU, your desires, and current life situation. Take your time researching if you feel called to this. 

Again, check out my Types of FAM blog if you need assistance choosing. I personally use + teach the symptothermal method. If you want a deep dive on the symptothermal method, how your cycle works plus customized charts AND a basal body thermometer purchasing guide, all created by me, then I invite you to download my FREE FAM ebook! Or if you know you're ready to dive into comprehensive hormone + symptothermal method training, then I invite you to check out my comprehensive FAM course Bloom!

Step 2. Decide if you want to self-teach or work with a certified fertility awareness instructor

After you've chosen a method, the next step is to decide HOW you want to learn. This can be self-teach or with a certified instructor. If you choose a 1:1 instructor I highly encourage you to ask about their fertility awareness education + training and also what type of additional support they offer if you are seeing things that are NOT ideal in your charting or experiencing hormonal symptoms or concerns. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to use FAM and then being turfed back to your medical provider when you have issues because many medical providers are VERY unaware of FAM or how to manage hormonal health issues other than giving you hormonal birth control, which you're likely trying to avoid. And I can say this being a medical provider with over 16 years of experience in the medical field! If you want to use FAM to avoid pregnancy or if you're having hormonal concerns I'd encourage you to consider working with a holistic instructor that also has medical training (like myself).

It can also be helpful to ask about their spiritual + social views to ensure you're aligned with the care you desire to have.  

If you're interested in working with me and have questions I'd love to answer them via a FREE 30minute clarity call or via email ([email protected]). If you're looking for an instructor in an alternate method, I recommend this certified educator's directory.

Step 3. Buy or download any tools you need

Tools needed will depend on the method of fertility awareness you choose but could include a course, book, 1:1 instruction, a basal body thermometer, LH strips, cycle charts or a phone app, and/or a journal 

If you're looking for a basal body thermometer, I personally use TempDrop (a wearable basal body thermometer) because it makes the charting journey easier. You can follow the TempDrop link or use my code MW3377 to save 12% off. My FREE FAM ebook has a few others I've tried and personally recommend as well.

You can chart your data on paper charts or a phone app. The only phone app I recommend is ReadYourBody because they do NOT predict your cycles or data and allow you to use the app to input your data and be the only expert + interpreter of your cycle data.

Step 4. Start tuning into your beautiful body and its messages on a day to day basis!

Trust yourself, your body and your own internal wisdom. Be diligent in listening to your body and know sometimes these messages can feel subtle upfront because we've often been taught our whole lives to ignore and dismiss our bodies. But like flexing a muscle, the more you tune in, the stronger the connection gets.

Step 5. Be patient with the process

Make sure that you educate yourself or seek comprehensive education so that you can feel supported in the journey. Know that it takes at least 3-6 cycles for patterns to emerge. If you want to use the method for natural birth control please make sure you have a clear understanding of your patterns + RULES of your method of choice.

Step 6. Consider holistic support 

Consider looking into holistically supporting your hormones, your body and your cycles, especially if you are coming off hormonal birth control. Seek support as you need for learning or if you are seeing things in your chart that seem concerning or if you're having symptoms of potential hormonal imbalances. 


And ultimately know that

YOU hold the wisdom within.


your body desires to partner WITH you in wellness.


If you have questions along the way in your journey or if you desire holistic support I invite you to check out my offerings or to set up a free clarity call to discuss the ways that we can work together. 


Sending you love + calm in your journey back in!

Dr. Mona


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