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Top Three ROOT causes of Hormone + Fertility issues


I want to share the top 3 ROOT causes of hormone + fertility issues that I see in my work with women + the things that make the most impact in helping women find optimal health and the ability to finally FEEL GOOD in their bodies

 1. Overstressed

The health of our cycles are downstream from other areas of our health and our body will prioritize being able to breath, run, and even digest over your capacity to have health cycles and hormones. When our adrenals are stressed and we are over producing cortisol this can have direct negative effects on your cycles, hormones, and fertility.

To support your stress system, I encourage you to consider:

Where can you support your stress system, ask for support, and/pr give up things that you don’t serve you or that you don't find joy in doing?


2. Undernourished (or missing key nutrients in our diet).

If we are not getting the key foundations for healthy hormones (fat, protein, fiber, vegetables) then our bodies literally do not have the building blocks to make our sex hormones. Many people don't know this but your cholesterol is the first building block for your sex hormones which means you NEED healthy fats, ideally with each meal! In addition to key building blocks we also need to get ENOUGH calories in order for our bodies to have healthy cycles, hormones, and fertility.

To support your nourishment, I encourage you to consider:

Are you getting enough food? Are you including protein, healthy fats, fiber, and vegetables with EACH meal?


3. Gut imbalances.

Gut health is KEY to our wellbeing! There are many studies linking our gut health to infertility, mood, hormones, endometriosis, PCOS, painful periods, skin issues, acne, and more. It is so common in my practice to see that healing the gut heals the hormones and helps to relieve many larger symptoms that people would never have tied back to gut. I see this particularly with leaky gut, which is so common these days. 

To support your gut, I encourage you to consider:

Are you having regular, easeful, soft and formed bowel movements? Are you having gut symptoms or other notable ongoing symptoms that may actually be due to gut issues like yeast, bacteria, parasites, poor digestion, leaky gut, etc? Consider looking into working with myself or a holistic provider that offers gut microbiome testing looks into gut health as part of your overall health.


If you’re looking for a holistic provider that does targeted bloodwork, gut microbiome, food inflammation/sensitivity, and/or sex and adrenal hormone testing, AND takes targeted action based on YOUR results then I invite you to message me about my Body Harmony program! I have openings for private clients now + special giveaways for clients who sign up in September!


My Body Harmony Program is a CUSTOM combination of functional bloodwork, gut microbiome testing, sex & adrenal hormone testing, food inflammation/sensitivity testing


individualized wellness plan based on YOUR test results and your unique concerns + symptoms including a combination of food medicine/diet, lifestyle, customized herbs + supplements, and mind-body actions.


to your optimal health + fertility!

Dr. Mona

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