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Tapping into Your Internal Guidance Systems (Menstrual Cycles + Human Design)


So let's talk about our internal guidance systems, our menstrual cycles and our Human Design!

For those of us that have wombs, we all have internal hormones and a way of being that is energetically aligned with our feminine archetypes, our hormones, and how we are meant to thrive and FLOW in this life.

For those of us that use our Human Design, we are aligning with the energy of our soul. How our soul, or our unique body, came to this life. We're aligning with our giftings, our energies and through this we can show up as our MOST MAGNETIC and experience life with more ease.

Together these two are may favorite tools and the ones that I always align with and what has made massive shifts in my life!

To tune into our menstrual cycles

my favorite ways + the most impactful ways I've found to do connect with these inner rhythms is by understanding the anatomy of the body, the hormones, and using the fertility awareness method to connect with the energetic cycle phases and associated feminine archetypes.

Our hormones are the chemical messengers that help the various cells and organs in our bodies to communicate.Hormones play a massive role in your physical, mental, & emotional experience.

 The truth is you’re a WOMB HOLDER, you’re not a robot + you're NOT meant to show up the same way every single day, despite what society has taught you. There is a reason you experience these fluctuations, it’s part of your femininity + it’s normal. The fluctuations you experience are a reflection of your inner cycles + your hormones, beautiful teachers if we are willing to tune in + listen to them.

AND there are ways you can PREDICT these patterns so that you can find more ease + flow in this life!

Each month your hormones go through cyclical changes, there is a synchronized rise & fall that orchestrates your ovulation, periods and cycle length. Estrogen and progesterone are the main female hormones and these will impact not only your cycle but your mood, energy, sexuality, sleep, food cravings + health.

As we begin to understand our cycles we see we have 4 distinct cycle phases or inner seasons that shift the way we are in and with our body. These are you 4 inner seasons + associated Feminine archetypes:

  • Menses. Your inner winter + the Crone/Wise Woman energy. Hormones are overall low and so is your energy. This is a time to be with yourself + your inner wisdom.
  • Pre-ovulatory. Your inner spring + Maiden energy. Estrogen is starting to rise and your feeling a rise in energy and desire to be curious and connect with others.
  • Ovulatory. Your inner summer + Mother. This is the peak of your hormonal energy, estrogen is at its peak + you ovulate. You feel a strong desire for connection with others, sensuality, + outward focused energy.
  • Luteal. Your inner autumn + Wild Woman energy. Progesterone takes over as your dominant hormones and your body begins it's slowing and turning in process again, you begin to analyze and speak around what serves you and what doesn't.

We can begin to tune into our cycle phases through the beautiful practice of cycle syncing. 

Cycle syncing, or cyclical living, 

is the practice of aligning your life + your activities to HONOR your menstrual cycles.

Cycle syncing is about living in flow WITH your body, rather than fighting against it. Cycle syncing provides the opportunity to form a new, deeply intimate + holistic relationship with your mind, body, spirit + womb. To embrace, nurture, + embody your truly radiant, intuitive, and deeply whole self.

Your cycles + your Divine Feminine archetypes are waiting to welcome you home, to teach you, to help you find more ease & flow in your life.  Are you ready to partner with them?

If you're feeling a call to learn more about your cycle phases, inner seasons, + your divine Feminine archetypes and the SPECIFIC ways you can plan for + support each cycle phase through diet, specific recipes, herbs + supplements, mindful movement + exercise, sex + pleasure, soul + Feminine archetype support, mudras, mantras, crystals, essential oils, guided journal prompts + more... then I invite you to explore my divinely channeled cycle syncing program Cyclical Being.


To tune into our Human Design

it is helpful to first understand what this system is. 

Human Design is a system created to help us lean into our UNIQUE energy + soul purpose in this life. You literally chose to come to the earth at the EXACT time + place you did do with the EXACT energy, personality + gifts you have in order to aid your soul in achieving its Higher purpose. And Human Design guides in you HOW you can step into your most magnetic energy + Higher self in order to aid you in experiencing more ease, flow, + magnetism in this life.  

Human Design

is a beautiful combination of ancient modalities + modern science, the marriage of western astrology, the Chinese I’ Ching, Hindu Brahmin chakra system, Kabbalist tree of life, neutrinos, genetics, and more. It is both mystical + practical, the ultimate guidance system that helps us to see HOW we can flow with the most ease, joy, self-love, magnetism + deep alignment with our TRUE, Higher self. 

Human Design is science of differentiation. It was birthed from the knowing that we are all UNIQUE + different, each of us impactful energetic beings that have a specific role to play within collective. It illuminates the ways that you are DIFFERENT from others. It guides you in embracing YOUR unique qualities AND the unique qualities of others. We need one another to thrive. But as a collective organism, we thrive the MOST when each individual steps into their UNIQUE gifts + knowings. 

We are NOT all supposed to be the same, 

the more we can accept + lean into this truth, lean into celebrating our individuality, the more we will be able to evolve into a society we all desire - a society steeped in loving awareness + expansion.

Here are the BASICs of Human Design

  • There are 5 energy types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, + Reflector. Your type speaks to your energetic aura, the way your energy is experienced by + exchanged with others. Our type also tells us HOW your energy is designed to function + flow in this life and is determined by your centers.
  • Each type has a Strategy which is the aligned way that you can interact with the world to create more ease in your life.
  • In addition to the type + strategy the other key element to start dipping your toes into Human Design and starting to walk with energetic alignment for YOUR type is by following your Authority. Your authority is how you go about making aligned decisions. In addition to your type + strategy, this is one of the MOST impactful things you can learn + practice because if every decision you make for the rest of your life is from a place of energetic alignment, everything else will fall perfectly into place. 

 There are SO many other facets to Human Design and the remainder of the chart drops deeper into the ways you can show up with more magnetism and also the UNIQUE gifts + Life Purpose that you chose for this incarnation. By understanding these things we can find more flow + ease within ourselves, more self-trust, self-love, and through this space we create more energetic magnetism that brings to us a life filled with more ease, love, + EXPANSION. 

If you're ready to start exploring your design you can download your chart for free here

+ I invite you to attend my upcoming Human Design Foundations Masterclass (only $22! and LIVE education with me) where you can drop into understanding your design and those of your loved ones. 

If you're 100% sold on the system and want to take a deep dive into your chart, your gifts, your purpose and how you can start living your design + as your most magnetic and Higher self TODAY, then I invite you to book a customized Human Design Chart Reading with me!!

Feeling a called to BOTH systems?

If you're feeling called to step into a deep understanding of BOTH your innate + Divine internal guidance systems, desiring guidance in the ways that you can best be with your womb + your soul in the journey of expansion that your soul already committed to in this life then I invite you to... 

Womb Alchemy

my 1:1 mentorship that is the marriage of these two powerful systems (that has some impactful NEW additions - breathwork, added sessions, and advanced Human Design readings for planets, abundance, + health!). Divine guidance in aligning with your feminine and soul purposes - the energies that you CHOSE to show up with in this life! Transform the way YOU show up in + within your body. Customized attunement  to your inner rhythms through Human Design, FAM, cycle syncing, lunar cycles, archetypal embodiment, holistic wellness, and 1:1 guidance. Claim your transformation here or schedule a FREE 30minute clarity call to discuss any Qs you have!


Trusting your mind, body, spirit + womb are guiding you in all your correct paths + seeing you and holding space for ALL your wholeness + expansion!


with love,

Dr. Mona

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