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75-90 minute Holistic Hormonal Health Consult
If you've been desiring to better understand your body, your hormones, your FAM charting or if you're looking for detailed holistic recommendations I'd be honored to support you in your journey around finding clarity + healing within body. 
I offer 1:1 holistic hormonal health consult sessions 

In your private session you'll receive...

  • Thorough review of your health intake, medical history, current concerns, + holistic health goals
  • Individualized recommendations to address your unique situation + concerns that will include a combination of food medicine/diet, lifestyle, customized herbs + supplements, and mind-body actions you can take to begin to bring your body back into alignment
  • Detailed written¬†health plan of action¬†that summarizes Dr. Mona‚Äôs holistic recommendations for including any additional recommended testing or medical followup that may be indicated (plans are 1-3 page on average and delivered within 48 business hrs after your consult)
  • 15% Off herbs & supplements ordered through Dr Mona‚Äôs Fullscript account!

While I am willing to see those that don't have a fertility awareness/ FAM charting practice, I find this is one of the MOST supportive things you can do as you look to support + address hormonal concerns. So, if you don't have a FAM (fertility awareness practice) I highly encourage you to take a look at my comprehensive FAM course.

If you're interested in comprehensive functional lab testing + plans which can include a combination of bloodwork (full thyroid panel, screens for anemia/blood disorders, kidney + liver function, electrolytes, blood sugar, cholesterol, vitamin, + numerous optional additions), gut microbiome testing, sex and/or adrenal hormone testing, and/or food sensitivity and inflammation testing, I currently only offer this via 1:1 containers. Please look into my customized consult container or 1:1 womb mentorship to see if one of these would be an aligned fit for you.

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(1) 75-90min Session with Dr. Mona


Dr. Mona is a doctor of nursing practice with over 15 years of medical experience, an integrative health practitioner specializing in hormonal wellness + root cause medicine, certified fertility awareness and reproductive health educator, trained yoga instructor, AND Human Design chart reader. Throughout her offerings, Mona blends her experience and expertise in eastern + western medicine to offer you a deeply HOLISTIC experience that honors both science + source (our womb, mother earth, and spirit). Her passion is helping fellow womb holders re-discover the sovereignty, power, and deep wisdom that they already  hold within while expanding their ability to heal + support their bodies, hormones and current life goals naturally + in a state of total peace, ease, and confidence. Mona believes in shifting the world, one being at a time - beginning first with ourselves and always through the lens of the Mind, Body, Spirit + Womb.

What clients are saying . . .

"When I saw Mona's offerings along with her background in both western + holistic health, I knew she was the missing piece I needed to start on this journey. I signed up immediately + without hesitation, and from there my expectations were only exceeded!"

Kelly, 29

Dr. Wiggins is the most thorough, compassionate medical provider I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've completed her 1:1 FAM mentorship, gut microbiome testing + consultation (alongside my fiance). I'm proud to say I'm living "hormone free" and I feel like a DIFFERENT PERSON."

Rebekah, 39

"Mona helped me address hormonal and gut issues I had after coming off hormonal birth control. She is very knowledgable and guided me in holistic root causes and symptoms. After 6 months of working with her I saw so much improvement in my health and I finally feel like myself again."

Sarah, 28

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