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Key Herbs + Supplements for Hormone + Fertility Support

If you look online or ask around about what specific herbs or supplements are most supportive for hormonal health + fertility you will find a lot of opinions and thoughts. The truth is that it depends on YOUR body, hormones, + unique situation. Annnnd there are a lot that are beautiful for general hormone + fertility support.

So, as a doctor of nursing practice, integrative health practitioner, and certified fertility awareness educator, I want to share the top herbs + supplements I use and recommend for hormone and fertility support. Plus I'll share where I get them and where YOU can do the same for 15% off!

My top 3 choices

If you're on a limited budget or want to minimize what you take, the below three would be my top recommendations and you can get them all for 15% off through my Fullscript account (linked here!). You simply follow this link and sign up for a free account then can search for and purchase any top quality herbs or supplements you desire! Simply cut and paste the names of supplements listed here to easily read more + add to your cart. 

1) Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal. This prenatal gives you optimized vitamin + mineral support which is necessary for full body hormone functioning. Even though I'm not actively trying to get pregnant I love the way it supports my overall body (bonus = my nails are killer!!). One of my favorite things about this prenatal is it has 400mg of magnesium and 4000IU of vitamin D3 which are often nutrients we need to add in additional supplements for - but because this is optimized you can minimize the number of supplements you take! You'll see it's 8 capsules which is a lot but I open them and mix them in a small amount of my smoothie, an unsweetened applesauce, or other cold liquid. If you're a pill person, have at it. Another great option for a powdered prenatal is Needed Prenatal Mulit but I just don't personally like the flavor

2) Nordic Naturals ProOmega CoQ10. I love this blend because it offers two fabulous hormone/fertility supports in one supplements. Omega 3s (fish oil) reduce inflammation + supports hormone balance + gut, brain and heart health. CoQ10 is an anti-oxidant that supports egg quality and our mitochondria

3) Orthomolecular Ortho biotic. There are SO many probiotics and I often like to choose them after doing targeted gut testing with my clients. But this is one of my go-to's because it not only supports a healthy gut microbiome (good bacteria in your gut), it also has a specific component that supports the gut's immune system

Why it matters WHERE we buy supplements. You are absolutely welcome to purchase from wherever you desire, but keep in mind there are continued reports of tampering and mishandling of nutritional supplements sold via some online retailers and many companies (like Amazon) do not guarantee how things are stored or shipped which directly affect the quality and effectiveness (or lack thereof) of your supplements. Fullscript is the online dispensary that only offers high quality herbs and supplements and they guarantee things are shipped and stored in the ideal conditions. It is where I purchase my regular supplement routine and the site I use with all the customized regimens for my private clients

Additional Herbs and Supplements I Regularly take + Recommend


4) HerbPharm Liver Health. Liver health is a combination of various herbals (similar to a bitters formulation) that directly support our gut, liver + digestion which are all are crucial to having overall healthy hormones!

5) HerbPharm Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is one of my first choices for supporting the stress system + progesterone. A supported stress system and healthy luteal phase (the second part of your cycle where progesterone is dominant) is necessary for avoiding PMS and for getting pregnant

6) Ortho Molecular Methyl B complex. B vitamins are crucial in numerous functions throughout the body and hormonal birth control (which many women have been on for years when coming to work with me) depletes the body of B vitamins. I will use these with clients for 6 months post-pill or personally in the morning when I'm feeling a little fatigue. B vitamins support energy, fatigue, hormone detox support, + a lot more

7) Pure Encapsulations NAC 600mg. NAC is beautiful antioxidant support + boosts glutathione which plays a key role in cellular repair. NAC is also known to boost egg quality and supports certain common hormonal conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS.

8) Vital Proteins Marine (or Beef) Collagen.  Collagen is a beautiful source of clean protein and it also directly supports our skin, hair, nails, and joints. I add this to smoothies or oatmeal to ensure I'm starting my day out with the key components for healthy hormones (protein, healthy fat, vegetables/fruit, and fiber!).

I take ALL of these regularly (other than the B complex which I take as needed) in addition to some targeted herbs for my gut + immune system and my unique adrenal picture, all of which are based on specific tests I've done to look at my gut, food sensitivities, sex + adrenal hormones, thyroid, and nutrient status.

Again, you can get all of these for 15% off through my Fullscript account (linked here!). Simply cut and paste the names of supplements listed here to easily read more + add to your cart. 

Want a targeted herb + supplement plan for your specific situation? 

I offer one-off 90 minute hormonal health consults just for this! Or if you are looking for deeper support and guidance with ongoing gut or hormonal concerns then I invite you to check out my customized Body Harmony program which includes private sessions + targeted functional testing (bloodwork, gut/hormone testing, and/or food sensitivity testing).


To your hormones + fertility!

Dr Mona


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